Lesley Beatson PhD


Individuals and organizations are being called to meet the significant challenges of our time. Leadership-as-usual is no longer an option. Do you need the ability to "do more with less"?Motivating individuals for full engagement, leading effective team work and innovation, while  managing change well is the way.

Dr Lesley Beatson is a proven, effective resource for aligning employee performance with organizational strategy. Through consulting solutions in leadership development, group facilitation, coaching, and engagement, Lesley brings out the best in her clients.
Drawing on the influence of leading edge thinking, research and tools that are emerging from current leadership theory, Lesley brings fresh ideas, powerful approaches and the strategic conversations you need to guide your team, organization or community through complex change.

Critical to the success of any coaching or consulting intervention is an accurate assessment of the status quo and a solution that suits the needs of the individual or organization. Lesley utilizes processes that accurately diagnose a situation, build capacity from the beginning, and create sustainable solutions.