A Motivational Coach with 25 Years of Experience.

The difference in those who succeed and those who don’t is that those who succeed BELIEVE they can succeed. More than that, they actually own the role of someone who is already successful.

Studies have shown that success at anything is a direct reflection of one's internal environment. If you don’t truly, and without a doubt, believe that you can succeed and deserve to succeed, you won’t. 

Those who understand much may be wise,
But those who understand themselves are even wiser.
Those who are master over many may be powerful, 
But those who have mastered themselves are more powerful still.

Lao Tzu 700 BCE

There are only 2 things you can change; your thoughts and your behaviour. Dr Lesley Beatson and Associates can help you assess how you habitually think and react to situations. Tapping into your own knowledge and experience, you learn more skilful and empowered alternatives. Let the change begin today. 

Building Leadership Capacity to Develop Organizational Effectiveness

By Lesley Beatson

As a professionally trained coach, and a trainer of coaches, I bring passion, insight, and experience to my coaching relationships. My coaching blends the psychology of motivation, knowledge of transformational learning and organizational behaviour, mental training for high performance, and leadership development. I empower the advancement of personal leadership and organizational development.

On a foundation of mutual trust and confidentiality, I strive to build an encouraging relationship that fosters the discovery of opportunities and enables the development of positive momentum and change. I work one on one to guide clients in determining what they want to accomplish, and what barriers and options exist. With identification and achievement of short-term goals, clients can build credibility and momentum toward long-term high performance and deep satisfaction.

With improved leadership, and new skills, clients increase their capacity to achieve professional, organizational, and personal goals that are profoundly meaningful.

Article in the Trail Times


Psychological Training for Sport and Life

By Lesley Beatson

When working with young athletes, I teach skills and exercises for each of the topics listed below and partnering with the athlete in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires him or her to maximize his or her potential. We will frame the learning around sport psychology and set and achieve goals in the athletes sport. The techniques however, are transferable to music, academics and just about everything where it is possible to do your best.

In the early sessions we will develop goals and a learning plan. It is important that the athlete be involved in the goal setting because that is an important skill in itself.

Topics to Cover:

  • Personal Awareness
  • Goal Setting
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Knowledge of the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Visualization/Imagery: for use with mental rehearsal, activation & skill acquisition
  • Attention Control/Focus
  • Overcoming barriers to success
  • Esteem Building
  • Race Simulation Exercises

Personal Development, (this sounds broad, but it actually becomes quite specific because it is based on individual needs, ie-overcoming procrastination or relationship building or time management ….)

Problem Solving/creativity