Each Education session or intervention listed below is unique in design based on Lesley’s diagnosis in collaboration with the stakeholders

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Name and position of the author of each quote

Physician education session: Leadership and Communication


The entire afternoon was very good

Dr Jack Loken, Department Head, Hospitalists, KGH



Great day! You did an awesome job. I love that stuff

Dr Michael Murray,
Medical Director, Okanagan



We discussed last Friday’s meeting and all the comments were very favourable. We’d like to keep moving forward with this momentum. We thank you once again for all your work!


Dr Mike MacLeod,
Past Chair, MAC Kelowna



The session last Friday was terrific!

Dr Pina Michieletti
Chair MAC Kelowna

Managers Education Day at KGH

A focus on communication


Hi Lesley....Wanted to send a quick note of Thanks!....Having sat through many like sessions; I really enjoyed today.

Carol Laberge,

Manager Cardiac Services, KGH

Planning and team effectiveness session


Dr. Beatson’s contribution was invaluable in achieving the goals of the last 2 days. She was able to use skillful tools and methodologies to support management and staff in identifying high value work and designing a structure to achieve that most efficiently.

It was a great pleasure to work with Lesley.

Menno Salvador
Manager Nutrition Services, Public Health

Team Development with a focus on IHA values for the Corparate Planning and Improvement Department


Thanks to Lesley Beatson for her very capable stewardship of this very successful day!

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on Friday. It was a fantastic afternoon, and the feedback I received from everyone was really positive.


Martin McMahon
Director Planning and Improvement


Karen Omelchuk
Corporate Director,
Health System Planning

Team Development as a result of some dysfunctional behaviour in a dialysis unit


Lesley was fabulous as a facilitator and mentor for us all. Man oh man do I wish I could clone her and soak up all her knowledge and experience. I really felt like we turned a corner with the VCD group. It was a great experience for us all and a lot of heart felt emotions surfaced (tears included). Does Lesley do this with other groups too? We could use it in many areas!!! I think she enjoyed the chance to get down to the grass roots level and see the potential difference this makes for patients.


Terri Pentland,
Manager Renal of Renal Services, Okanagan

Annual planning for Advanced Brain Injury Committee


Hi Lesley. Thanks again for facilitating our meeting on Saturday. It was most helpful to have you to keep us on track

Dr Harry Miller
Chair, ABI

Leadership Coaching


I certainly appreciate the opportunity to have gone through the coaching program; I also appreciate the opportunity to be in a role that really supports me in working from my strengths/passions. I believe the changes in my scores are a direct reflection of both of these opportunities

Maureen Detwiller, RN, MA, Clinical Lead-CONNEX

Team Development and role clarification for Aboriginal Health and Wellness Network


The two sessions were awesome! You are an amazing facilitator and really brought the team to a new level of trust and relationship.

Brenda Baptiste
Manager, Aboriginal Health and Wellness Network

Interactive presentation: Self Development is the only Development


Your presentation ended up on many of the “Favorite part of Day” evaluations. A few wrote that they would like to spend a whole day with you…now that should make you feel pretty darn good!!!Really appreciated you coming…Thanks again…

Sandi Tebo
Manager, Community Care Facilities, Kelowna

Change Readiness, team re-design and learning retreat


Particularly, Gretchen Komick and I would like to commend the work Lesley did for us. Without her help, hard work and leadership, Gretchen & I would not have been able to achieve the desired outcomes for the meeting. Her facilitation work, preparation, teaching and leadership helped us set a firm foundation for the changes taking place in Public Health Protection’s Environmental Health programs.

Don Corrigal,

Assistant Director, Public Health Protection,

Personal note
2-day rural planning facilitation


We need people like you to hold us accountable to why we do what we do and to help us do it better. I really hope that you can find some meaning here because without your inquiry and perseverance we will have a much harder time trying to get where we need to be.


Karen Morash, RN
Elk Valley Health Services Administrator, Fernie

Managers Retreat
Kelowna: Leadership, Communication, and Building positive culture


Evidently the positive report is well-earned. Congratulations

Lydda Vetrov, Administrative Assistant at KGH who compiled the evaluations from 50 participants

Change Management and Consensus Building


I felt the session and the concepts we worked on were used successfully later in the day and also with our first topic today.
Great work!

Ted Legate,
Manager, Diagnostic Information