Leadership Development

 In some organization development circles, “the system” or the “organization” is often referred to as if it is a separate, independent entity that operates on it's own accord. It is important to note that there is always a network or web of individuals affected by and capable of influencing any issue. Organizations are made up of individuals and they can be changed by individuals. The story of “the system” as operating independently of the people in it, is just that; a story we tell ourselves and each other. We maintain and reproduce the existing culture as long as we continue to spread the story

There are a few ways that leaders change culture within an organization. They tell a different story, a visionary story, or the story of a small win that exemplifies the desired culture and then they model behaviour that is completely congruent with the story. Dr Lesley Beatson can help develop your leaders and create a lasting and systemic change in your organization.

 Dr Beatson delivers customized learning programs designed to equip your people for engaging diverse teams and leading change.

The following example is a curriculum outline that Dr Beatson created for physician empowerment though leadership education: click here