Rosslander guides people to their highest potential

By Val Rossi - Trail Daily Times
Published: October 27, 2010 5:00 PM

The first time she watched her timid students swim across her parents’ pool to the deep end, Lesley Beatson knew she wanted to lead people toward their deepest happiness.

Now a leadership consultant and coach, Beatson has set up an office in Trail where she meets with a broad range of clients striving to reach their highest potential.

During sessions, Beatson listens and begins to understand what barriers are holding her client back. She shares new ways of approaching life’s issues, whether it is behavioural changes or thinking patterns, and watches her clients move from problem-solving to exploring possibilities.

“Some people just react to what’s happening around them,” she said. “You’ll hear some women say, ‘I just got married because he asked me’ or ‘I just did the job because my parents told me to.’”

Departing from a corporate position with Interior Health, Beatson knows that it’s not easy to walk away from a comfortable place to pursue a passion, but hopes she can help others make change in their lives – whether it be supporting an individual on a mission to lose weight or helping a boomer discover how to deal with retirement.

“Physical movement, thoughts and feelings play into how we feel. You can make changes by leveraging any one of those,” she explained.

But the Rossland resident doesn’t only deal with individuals; she’s also worked with teams, boards and departments – by developing a successful way for groups to build trust.

She helps people who don’t necessarily have a deficiency or sickness and in no way is she a marriage or career counsellor.

“I’m a thinking partner there to help someone work through something. I’m someone who’ll ask hard questions.”

Though she has a PhD in leadership, Beatson says some of her insight stems from her time coaching sports; she still meets with a few athletes to support their bid to improve their game.

“In sport, people have to learn how to focus and be up at a crucial time, to be on,” she said. “You don’t want to have your best day on the practice field.”

Beatson’s office is at 625 Victoria St. (Suite 102). Appointments can be made by calling 362-5220 or reach her by email:


Local businesses and organizations leading the region in the green direction were awarded this month for their achievements in energy efficiency.

Fortis BC handed out its annual PowerSense excellence awards last week, with several going to Greater Trail businesses and organizations.

The City of Trail was highlighted for its recent replacement of an aging and power-hungry compressor at the Cominco Arena.

The arena can now run a single compressor during non-peak hours and reach start-up temperatures to create ice more quickly.

Earning a conservation excellence award, Liberty Foods was noted for installing new lighting and refrigeration.

Community Futures was recognized with a leadership award for an aggressive retrofit of the Trail Federal Building, which was built in 1955 and in need of upgrades.

Glenmerry Elementary science students were honoured for their overall environmental awareness, as Heather McQuiggan’s Grade 7 girls signed on to their own Earth Hour goals last year and continued to push for green initiatives throughout the school year.

And Montrose was congratulated for purchasing an electric truck to add to the village’s fleet.

These winners achieved savings by incorporating energy efficiency measures into new facility or upgrade projects.

Together the initiatives of the 12 recognized business and institutions will save more than four gigawatt hours or enough to power 370 homes for a year.